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What To Do When Your A/C Is Acting Up

Why is my home cooling not cooling the house?

a/c troubleshootingIt’s frustrating when your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, and the hotter and more uncomfortable you grow, the more maddening it can be – especially when the air conditioner is running, but isn’t actually cooling. What gives?

The good news is that TF Complete handles situations like this all the time, and we’ve got you COMPLETELY covered. We serve Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties and the surrounding areas. Read on for some tips on how to troubleshoot, and if you’re still not feeling the cool breeze, contact us so we can get you cooled down in no time!

Possible causes of air conditioning issues

When you can hear and feel your AC running but the air isn’t cooling, it means the fan is working – which is great! – but the cooling mechanism isn’t. Unfortunately, there are several issues that could be going on with your air conditioning system when it isn’t cooling, including:

  1. A thermostat malfunction: Your thermostat tells your equipment your preferred temperature, but if it isn’t working, the thermostat could be failing to communicate. It could be anything from loose wiring, to old batteries, to a stuck thermometer or a failed sensor.
  2. Your AC needs more refrigerant: Air conditioners use coolant to bring temperatures down, and this needs to be refreshed and replaced every once in a while. Due to environmental regulations, the common refrigerant R-22, or freon, has been phased out and only recycled or recaptured R-22 is available. It may be time to renew your refrigerant or, if you have a decades-old system, to upgrade your equipment to one that uses modern coolant.
  3. A wiring or electrical problem: Like all electrical systems, your AC needs to be plugged in securely, and the wiring needs to be fresh and not frayed, tangled, or loose.
  4. You’ve sprung a leak: A leak along your system lines allows coolant to escape. You may notice freezing along the lines leading into or out of your coils, hear a hissing noise that indicates air or coolant is escaping the hose, or notice that your energy bills are especially high.
  5. A clogged or dirty air filter: Changing your air filter is such a simple task, yet it’s also one of the most neglected. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal, but over time, an air filter can become entirely obstructed – especially if you have pets. When your filter is full of dirt and debris, not much air can pass through – including the cold air you’d like to be flowing freely into your living space!
  6. AC compressor going bad: Unfortunately, an air conditioner that blows cool or lukewarm – but not cold – air can be a telltale sign of a compressor that has seen better days. Another sign to look for is a noisy air conditioner that causes quite a racket when attempting to cool down your home.

TF Complete repairs air conditioners COMPLETELY

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing the cool air you’re craving, your friends at TF Complete Heating & Cooling will be available whenever you need us!

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