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Check Your Furnace Filter in the Summer, Too!

Your cooling system uses the same HVAC ductwork.

furnace filter Medway, MA The first day of summer is coming up fast, but we expect that your home’s air conditioning system has already seen some use. When temperatures start rising in Medway and elsewhere in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties, you need a dependable home cooling system.

One of the most important things you can do to safeguard your central A/C equipment’s performance is to regularly check your furnace’s air filter.

Why does your furnace air filter affect your central A/C?

Most homes with forced air heating and cooling — generally a furnace and a central A/C — use the same ductwork to circulate both hot and cooled air.

In both heating and cooling, air passes through an air filter to catch pollutants that you don’t want circulating into your home. This filter is your first line of defense against airborne dust, dirt, viruses, bacteria, pollen and other toxins.

However, a dirty or clogged filter can obstruct airflow to and from your HVAC equipment, which is bad news for your A/C performance.

What are the benefits of having a clean air filter?

Air filters are relatively small and inexpensive components in your HVAC equipment. But if you take care of your filter, it can have outsize benefits for your home comfort and budget. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep your air filter clean:

  1. Better indoor air quality. The airborne pollutants your filter catches can make allergies worse, exacerbate respiratory illnesses, spread viruses and irritate your skin and eyes.
  2. Less housework. When your filter is working well, you’ll see less dust accumulation and fewer stale odors in your home.
  3. More efficient heating and cooling. Better airflow means your HVAC equipment doesn’t need to cycle as often. You’ll end up using less energy to stay comfortable year-round.
  4. Better HVAC equipment longevity. When air filters are clogged, dust and debris collect in your home equipment. The results may be more system breakdowns and a shorter service life.

As you can see, staying on top of your furnace’s air filter can make a huge difference to your bank account and your family’s well-being.

How often should you check your furnace air filter?

We suggest that you check your air filter once a month during the heating and cooling seasons. This filter is typically located in your furnace’s blower compartment, covered by a door or hatch. You may also find it on the return duct.

If your air filter is dirty, you should clean or replace it. Reusable filters can be washed and returned to their slot once dry. Replacing a disposable air filter is a fairly simple process. Most home stores carry these filters, and they are not expensive.

Tom Fricker Has Your HVAC Maintenance Covered.

Spring is an excellent time to arrange maintenance for your central A/C and home heating equipment. TF Complete Heating & Cooling can inspect, clean and calibrate your systems to ensure they are running efficiently, so you can stay cool all summer and your furnace is ready to go when the cold weather comes back.

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