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What to expect with your heating and cooling estimate

Replacing or adding heating and cooling equipment to your home may feel daunting. Here is some more information about the process.

Be prepared for questions. HVAC and comfort equipment installation is not one-size-fits-all. TF Complete will thoroughly cover subjects such as the size of your home, whether there has been added living space such as home additions or finished attics and basements, the quality of your insulation, the efficiency of your windows, your desired temperature range for heating and cooling, and any performance issues you have had with your current system.

Ask questions. Knowledge will give you confidence in your heating & cooling choices. We’ll gladly discuss warranties, energy efficiency, noise levels, and more.

Get details about what is covered in the estimate. The lowest price isn’t always the best option. Some contractors will give a lowball estimate and make up the difference by using cheap parts, not getting proper insurance, or using poorly skilled workers. TF Complete only installs quality equipment and every one of our service technicians is factory trained and certified. We communicate honestly and transparently with you in your estimate.