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Cooling Your Home Without Ductwork

Ductless mini-splits are a fantastic alternative to window A/C units.

ductless cooling Norfolk, MA When was your house built? Before the 1950s, most homes in the U.S. did not have central heating or cooling. As such, ductwork wasn’t a consideration in the construction plan. That certainly includes many of the houses that TF Complete Heating & Cooling services in Bristol, Middlesex and Norfolk counties.

During our cold New England winters, most households without ductwork depend on boiler systems that use their home’s plumbing to heat radiators, baseboards or radiant floor systems.

But where does that leave these homeowners when summer arrives? Without ductwork, central air conditioning is not possible. Window A/C units are loud, inefficient and unsightly. Plus, if you leave a window unit in place all year round, you’re almost certainly losing heat in the winter.

At TF Complete Heating & Cooling, we can advise you on what your best cooling option is.

Is adding ductwork to a home a good idea?

Every year, we install ducts for customers who want to add or upgrade forced air heating and cooling systems. We can fabricate the ductwork in our workshop to minimize the disruption to your daily life, and our HVAC technicians are experts at setting up homes with central air systems.

That said, installing full ductwork in a home that wasn’t built for it has downsides. It can be pricy and takes away some of your living space. It will also take several days to complete. A better option for many homeowners is to install ductless A/C.

How does ductless A/C work?

Ductless A/C systems — also called ductless mini-splits — are composed of two essential components. There is an outdoor condenser unit and indoor air handling units. Multiple air handlers can connect to one outdoor unit via thin lines that pass through your exterior walls.

On hot summer days, your air handlers draw in warm air, and the system transfers the heat outside. Cooled air then returns to your home.

What are the benefits of ductless A/C?

There are several significant advantages to choosing ductless A/C. It starts with the sales process. You can select a product with sleek, discreet equipment that will match your indoor décor. (Plus, you can say goodbye to ugly window units blocking your sunlight.) Ductless systems are incredibly adaptable. The Tom Fricker team will help you choose the precise number of air handlers you need.

Next comes installation, which is a breeze. It requires only minimal drilling to mount equipment and run refrigerant lines.

From there, you can experience exceptionally efficient “zoned” cooling. Each air handler functions independently, meaning you can only cool the rooms you’re occupying. Some systems also provide supplemental heating for the fall and early winter.

Then there are the long-term benefits. Ductless A/C systems traditionally last longer than central A/C equipment before needing to be replaced.

TF Complete Heating & Cooling ensures your summer comfort.

Don’t put up with inefficient, cumbersome window A/C units for one more summer. TF Complete Heating & Cooling is at your service to help you choose a top-quality ductless A/C system from Mitsubishi Electric. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, we know this industry-leading equipment inside and out. We’ll install it quickly and correctly — plus, you’ll receive an extended 12-year warranty on most parts.

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