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Can You DIY Air Conditioning Repairs?

diy central air Medway, maWith warm weather in full force, households in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties are powering up their air conditioning systems. Hopefully, this is an uneventful process, and your home will be at the perfect temperature all summer long.

But if your A/C starts to struggle, it may need repairs. Which ones can you handle on your own, and which ones need a professional?

Air conditioning fixes you can do yourself.

There are some circumstances when you can fix an issue with your home’s air conditioning. Here are some examples:

Your air conditioning equipment is not turning on.

If your home’s cooling system isn’t turning on, it could be an easily solvable power or thermostat issue. Try these steps:

  1. Confirm that your thermostat is set to the “air conditioning” or “cool” position or turned to “fan.”
  2. Ensure that your thermostat is also set five degrees lower than room temperature.
  3. If the A/C still doesn’t come on, confirm that the equipment is receiving power. Check that no breakers are tripped or fuses are blown.

If none of these steps makes your A/C come on, then it’s probably time to bring in an HVAC professional to address the electrical or mechanical issue.

Your air conditioning is on but blowing weak or warm air.

There are quite a few simple reasons that your A/C might blow weak or warm air, and the fix may only take you a few minutes:

  1. Ensure that your room’s vents are fully open and not blocked by furniture or debris.
  2. Check your air filters. If they’re dirty or clogged, either clean or replace them.
  3. Check your outdoor condenser’s coils. They might be dirty or blocked with dirt or debris. Switch off your system and give the coils a thorough cleaning. This might resolve the problem.
  4. Your cooling system’s drain could also be clogged. Check your drainpipe and remove any clogs either by hand (with protective gloves) or with a vinegar solution.

If none of these fixes work, there could be a broken fan or another component, or you may have low refrigerant. In these cases, you’ll need to bring in an A/C repair professional.

You see liquid leaking from your equipment.

Often, the liquid leaking from your A/C is water, which a blocked drainpipe, dirty condenser coils or a clogged air filter can cause. You can clear any of these obstructions using the steps listed above.
However, the leak could be refrigerant, and the issue could be mechanical. If you still see leaking fluid after your air filter is clean and your coils and drains are clear, contact us to check for more intensive repairs.

When should you call the professionals at Tom Fricker?

Here are a few circumstances when it’s a better idea to bring in an HVAC professional for an air conditioning repair:

The technicians of TF Complete Heating & Cooling are all highly trained and licensed to handle a range of cooling system repairs. We stand by our work, plus we already have many of the replacement parts you’ll need to get your A/C back online fast.

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If your cooling system is causing your problems, don’t hesitate to ask for service from our team today!

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