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Save Money With a More Efficient Home This Fall

Conserve Your Money – and your Energy – this Season

money saving efficiency massachusettsSmall steps can really add up when it comes to saving money this fall on your energy bills. By making your home more energy-efficient, you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to your heating costs. Many people don’t realize how much of a difference it can make to put in a little effort to reduce energy waste – which adds up to less wasted money, too. With the help of TF Complete Heating & Cooling, you’ll be on your way to keeping your family warm and your pockets full this cold season in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties, Massachusetts.

Make use of your thermostat.

If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, make sure you are putting it to good use. Not programming your thermostat is like not collecting your change after a cash transaction. There is simply no sense in paying for a product you aren’t using. And heating your home when you aren’t in it is a waste. With a little legwork out front, you can set your programmable thermostat to reduce your temperatures when you are out of the home. This works especially well if you have a regular schedule, but you can also program a thermostat on a daily basis or in the shorter term. If you have an older style thermostat, consider upgrading to one that can save you money.

Change your air filter regularly.

If your heating system uses an air filter, it’s there for a good reason. Filtering the dirt, debris and pet dander out of your system can really help your heater’s efficiency. Have you ever gotten a cookie crumble stuck in the straw of your milkshake? Not much air – or milkshake – gets past with the cookie debris without splattering crumbs everywhere, and the extra force required to push the blockage out. An obstructed air filter is just as messy and costs money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Get a maintenance tune-up for your heating system.

Maintenance tasks don’t always seem necessary, especially when nothing is wrong. But, keeping up with the care and maintenance of your heating system before the cold weather really sets in is the best way to prevent costly problems from happening and unseen damage from getting worse.

Just like you need to change the oil on your car regularly, heating systems need an annual check-up. An experienced energy technician can examine your system and check the belts and filters, clean the coils, listen for any unusual sounds, check the air quality and thermostat, and make sure you and your family will be comfortable and safe this winter.

Check places in your home where warm air could escape or cold air could enter.

This means replacing any window or door seals, and weather-stripping or caulking that is cracked, peeling, or missing. Likewise, consider adding insulation to areas in your home that may need it, especially the attic.

Examine the ventilation in your home.

Consider closing the vents and doors in the rooms that are used infrequently. After all, there is no reason to keep a room at your preferred comfort level when you aren’t using it. Of course, you don’t want the pipes or your pets to freeze, but reducing the heat flowing to your guest bedroom, for example, by a few degrees can increase your energy-efficiency without creating a risk to your furry friends or plumbing.

Save money as a TF Complete Heating & Cooling customer this fall and winter

For more tips on how to make your home more energy-efficient this fall and winter, reach out to our energy experts for advice on optimizing your home and saving money this season. Be sure to get your yearly preventative maintenance checkup and tune-up for your furnace or boiler scheduled this Massachusetts fall with the help of TF Complete Heating & Cooling.

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