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Should My Heat Pump Be Running All The Time?

heat pump service massachusettsIf you have only recently started using a heat pump, you may wonder if it’s normal for it to run as often as it does.

The short answer is yes.

Your heat pump is designed to run consistently throughout the day as it makes small temperature adjustments (by adding warmth from outdoor air) to keep your home comfortable – unlike a furnace, which injects bursts of warmer air periodically to keep temperatures in the target zone.

When you have a heat pump installed by experts, your technician will help you choose a system that is matched to the size and layout of your home to make sure your equipment can efficiently handle its heating load.

Other Reasons A Heat Pump May Run Continually

Of course, there could be other reasons why your heat pump runs all the time. Here are a few other possible reasons you should check out:

Finding Local Heat Pump Service

Heat pump service in MA

If you’ve ruled out these problems and still can’t get your heat pump to work normally, it’s best to reach out to the most reliable heat pump repair specialist in MA – Tom Fricker Complete Heating & Cooling. Our experts will get your equipment working right again, taking care of all heat pump repairs to your COMPLETE satisfaction.

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