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Why Professional Heating Repair Service is Important

Just Say No to DIY Tinkering Gone Wrong

heating service massachusettsThere are a lot of do-it-yourself tips out there for homeowners looking to stay on top of their heating system’s maintenance. While it’s a great idea to monitor the health of your home heating system – and some tasks are so easy, we have even recommended DIY duties on occasion – when it comes to actual repair, it’s wise to have a professional look things over. Fortunately, the team of Massachusetts energy experts at TF Complete Heating & Cooling is on your side.

Don’t run the risk of damaging your heater further

While almost anyone can change an air filter and do straightforward maintenance, most heater tune-ups, and especially repairs, can be complex and require professional insight. You don’t want to overlook something important and end up damaging your system. Likewise, an amateur repair can end up costing homeowners tremendously – usually the opposite of the very reason they chose a DIY approach. No amount of watching a hokey YouTube tutorial is going to replace the expertise and experience honed by professional technicians with years of training. Get it right the first time by reaching out to one of our experienced energy experts.

Top reasons DIY repairs can be dangerous, even deadly

Not to be alarmist, but people really do die from attempting DIY repairs on heaters, furnaces and boilers. While heating systems are safe when properly installed and maintained, things can go wrong quickly if an amateur is poking around.

  1. Fire! The supply line, burner, ignition, safety valve, wiring and heat pumps can all create a fire hazard if they are not handled properly. Propane and natural gas in particular can be highly combustible, which isn’t a problem for experienced technicians who know how to avoid releasing fuel improperly and creating a fire hazard.
  2. Scalds and burns! Equipment can also get very hot and can burn errant hands and limbs that end up where they aren’t supposed to be, unprotected from scalding.
  3. Electrocution, fumes! You also don’t want to electrocute yourself or inhale fumes you accidentally released while tinkering. Seriously, no.

The true value of having a service plan with TF Complete Heating & Cooling

Contact TF Complete Heating & Cooling professionals to make sure that your home heating system is at its best, year-round in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties. Don’t wait until your next problem happens before you sign up for one of our affordable service plans. Choose a heating plan, a cooling plan or both.

For the cost of a simple maintenance call, you get priority service and significant discounts. Plus, we can find little problems before they become big ones, and restore your equipment to its best efficiency. Then, relax all year long, knowing you will save money on repairs and enjoy peace of mind.

mail Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance visit. If you need an emergency repair, please call our office right away at 508-507-6702, and we will get to your home as soon as we can.