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How Long Should a Heat Pump Run Per Day?

Avoid common mistakes with these heating & cooling systems.

heat pumps Franklin, ma Every year, we help families in Bristol, Middlesex and Norfolk counties get set up with the all-in-one heating and cooling provided by heat pumps. These systems work differently than conventional heating and cooling equipment because they don’t generate hot or cold air. Instead, they transfer heat between the inside and outside of your home.

As such, many customers ask us how long a heat pump should run in a day. As the region’s heat pump experts, we’re happy to help!

How does a heat pump run throughout the day?

Just like with a furnace or air conditioning system, a heat pump will continue to cycle until it has either heated or cooled your home to a desired temperature. Typically, a heat pump will run for 10 to 20 minutes, then shut down for a short period with about two or three cycles per hour. However, a heat pump may cycle more frequently during periods of extreme cold or extreme heat.

(This is one of the reasons that some TF Complete Heating & Cooling customers retain a boiler or furnace as a backup heating source for the coldest weeks of the year.)

If your system is cycling all the time, though, it could be time for a heat pump repair visit.

Common heat pump operation mistakes

There are some mistakes that homeowners typically make that may lead to too much cycling from a heat pump and unnecessarily high electric bills. These mistakes include the following:

  1. Not having the right-sized system. If you don’t work with an experienced company on your heat pump installation , you might have a unit intended for a smaller space. This equipment will need to cycle more often to cool your home.
  2. Leaving a heat pump on “auto.” Doing this can cause your heat pump to toggle between heating and cooling modes. It’s better to set a temperature for your room and adjust it as needed.
  3. Changing the temperature constantly. The most efficient way for a heat pump to work is to have a set temperature. Fiddling with a room’s temperature multiple times a day will lead to unnecessary cycling.
  4. Neglecting heat pump maintenance. As with all heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps require regular service to control your home’s temperatures efficiently. The expert HVAC team at Tom Fricker can ensure that your system runs efficiently. We’ll fix issues that lead to frequent cycling and eventual breakdowns.

Trust TF Complete Heating & Cooling for your heat pump needs.

We want to be your full-service heat pump partner, from installation all the way through the life of your system. TF Complete Heating & Cooling is a certified Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. We know these industry-leading products inside and out. We can also help you save serious money with Mass Save® rebates and incentives, plus generous federal tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act.

We also offer comprehensive protection for heat pumps with our Complete Heating and Cooling service plans. This coverage includes complimentary annual maintenance, priority emergency service and discounts on repairs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to TF Complete Heating & Cooling if you need service for your heat pump system.

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