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Is It Worth Replacing My Furnace?

When to install a new oil- or gas-fired home heating system.

furnace service franklin, maWith icy, frigid weather just about every night in Franklin and throughout Bristol, Middlesex and Norfolk counties, the last thing you want is for your home’s furnace to break down on you.

If it’s been a while since your last furnace maintenance call, and your heating equipment seems to be struggling, give TF Complete Heating & Cooling a call. We can look at your heating system and advise what service it needs — and whether it might need to be replaced.

How long will your furnace last?

A furnace can last around 20 years with proper maintenance. Some can even continue operating for 25 years or more. The older your furnace, though, the less fuel-efficient it likely is. Any furnace over 15 years is a candidate for replacement because it’s considerably less efficient than a new model, and your maintenance and repair costs are likely to increase.

When is it time to arrange a new furnace installation?

Firstly, it’s important not to wait until your current furnace is out of commission. If you find yourself without heat in the middle of a New England winter, your options for a furnace replacement will be limited by the urgency of your situation.

It’s best to get ahead of an old, struggling furnace and start exploring your options early. Some warning signs of a failing furnace include:

Additionally, you should consider replacing a furnace if the cost of a needed repair is more than 30% of the expense of a new furnace.

What energy savings can you see with a furnace upgrade?

A furnace that’s older than 15 years may have a fuel efficiency that has deteriorated to 60% or lower. So, you end up wasting nearly half of every gallon of heating oil or therm of natural gas you pay for.

Now, consider that today’s high-efficiency furnaces have fuel efficiency ratings in the 90% range and higher. Investing in a new, efficient piece of equipment could lower your fuel consumption by 30%, and you won’t sacrifice an iota of comfort in the process!

Trust the Tom Fricker team with your furnace installation.

The expert technician team at TF Complete Heating & Cooling performs countless furnace installations each year. We have the process down pat. To minimize the disruption of replacing your heating equipment, we handle much of the ductwork fabrication at our shop beforehand. Our team can often install your furnace in one day, and we’ll safely dispose of your old equipment for you.

We can also help you ensure your new furnace’s long-term efficiency and dependability with a Complete Heating Plan. These comprehensive service plans include:

When you upgrade your home heating with us, we guarantee you’ll be Completely satisfied with the results. Reach out to us for a FREE estimate.

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