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Is Your Boiler Ready for Winter?

Test your heating system before the freezing weather arrives.

boiler tune-up Franklin, Ma The worst time to discover that your boiler has a mechanical or electrical problem is when the temperature outside is below freezing. You could end up with coats piled on your bed while we send our technicians for an emergency no-heat call.

That’s why we recommend that homeowners in Medfield, Wrentham, Franklin and other communities in our service area give their boilers a test run now and contact TF Complete Heating & Cooling if there’s an issue. This puts you ahead of any potential service issues and ensures your boiler operates well in the winter ahead.

Does your home have a boiler?

If you aren’t sure whether your home has a boiler or furnace, here are some ways to tell.

Boiler systems don’t use ductwork or heated air to warm your home. They circulate either steam or hot water through pipes to baseboards or radiators. If you have baseboards or radiators instead of vents, your home has a boiler.

How can you test your boiler?

Make sure your thermostat is set to “heat.” Turn the thermostat 5 degrees higher than your current room temperature. If your boiler does not switch on, confirm that its power switch is set to the “on” position and that the breaker powering it hasn’t tripped.

If the boiler still does not come on, we suggest you contact us for a service visit.

Common issues with boilers

Here are some standard problems that can lead to a lack of heat from your boiler:

Have you arranged your annual boiler maintenance?

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to ensure your boiler’s efficiency and dependability is to arrange a service visit from the Tom Fricker team once a year. Annual boiler maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and extends your boiler’s lifespan. It will also improve your system’s fuel efficiency, lowering your winter energy bills. Finally, an annual maintenance visit is typically required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty in effect.

With a Complete Heating Plan, you can ensure your heating system always receives the attention it needs. These service plans include a free yearly maintenance visit, priority emergency service and a 15% discount on any repairs and diagnostic fees. It’s a fantastic value!

Want to enroll in a Complete Heating Plan or arrange year-end boiler service? Contact our team today!

mail Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance visit. If you need an emergency repair, please call our office right away at 508-507-6702, and we will get to your home as soon as we can.