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Late Winter Heating Repairs to Lookout For

Help your heater end the season on a high note

furnace repair massachusettsImagine kicking off next fall by needing a furnace or boiler repair, right as the heating technicians are entering busy season – it’s not a pretty picture. Winter is finally drawing to a close in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties, MA, and residents may find it tempting to skate to the finish line without doing heater maintenance. But this plan isn’t the best path, and here’s why. A little prevention goes a long way with late-season heater issues and can prolong your system’s lifespan, helping you start out next fall on the right foot. Read further to discover more about why prioritizing your heater as the winter wraps up is important, and how TF Complete Heating & Cooling can help.

Don’t live in regret with a heater nightmare next fall

As spring and summer approach, it’s a good idea to make sure your heater is in top condition, for several reasons. Skipping winter heater maintenance – especially if your heating system didn’t undergo a tune-up back in the fall – is a recipe for trouble in the future. Even if nothing big is wrong with your heater, small problems can be exacerbated while the equipment sits stagnant over the spring and summer. It’s much simpler – and cheaper! – to have your heater evaluated and tuned-up now, as technicians enter their slower season.

Unaddressed furnace problems can harm your air conditioner

Believe it or not, some heater problems can actually impact your air conditioner, too. After all, the two systems share a thermostat and ductwork, at a minimum. Air filters, dampers, and electrical wiring may also overlap and be impacted. The takeaway is: if your heater is acting up – or, in the alternative, not working at all – the problem may create trouble for your central air conditioning system as well.

Having the heater checked out by TF Complete professionals now can give you peace of mind that your air conditioner will be in good condition when you need it in a few weeks or months. You don’t want to start the cooler season off this coming fall with a heating system problem that needs to be addressed in order for your family to be comfortable and safe.

Get peace of mind all year with a TF Complete service plan

We encourage our customers to schedule regular tune-ups to reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the life of their equipment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regularly maintained equipment can also lower your annual energy use by up to 15%. The easiest way to enjoy these benefits—and more—is to enroll in one of our service plans to save on repairs, cover your annual tune-up and get fast priority response for emergency service.

Join the TF Complete family of COMPLETELY satisfied customers!

Whether your heating system needs a tune-up, a minor service job or a complicated repair, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable technicians keep up to date on the latest equipment—and they are well versed in the problems of older systems too. Keeping you comfortable year-round is our number-one mission. From strange furnace noises to unusually high energy costs, to a hyperactive or underactive heater, we can help. It’s best to tackle the issue head-on, now—plus, you can have confidence next fall when you need your heating system to be in peak condition.

Whatever problem may be brewing with your heater, reach out to us so we can assess and address the issue.

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