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Looking forward to better times

All of us are relieved that we can finally see some light ahead, even though much remains uncertain. Like many of you, we’ve struggled to do our jobs with the constant threat of COVID-19 hovering over our heads.

Snowstorms and 10-degree temperatures are unforgiving adversaries. With the uncertainty, periodic quarantines and sickness of staff, the past year has been a true test of our fortitude.

Perhaps, because of that reason, I’ve never been prouder of our team. They have managed to keep people warm despite dealing with many personal challenges themselves. We’ve always had a pitch in, do whatever it takes culture here. And it has served us well through the pandemic.

We know these are still tough times, with a lot to worry about it. As we move on into Spring, please know that we are here for you. If you have a heating problem– or an air conditioning issue later on—we’re ready to help.

Stay well.

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