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How To Troubleshoot Heating Before Calling for Service

No Call is Too Small; We’ve Heard it All

hvac repair service massachusettsWant to know an HVAC industry secret? Sometimes, people forget to turn on their thermostats when the seasons change, or to power up their heater altogether. It happens! Whether you’re a senior citizen who hasn’t dealt with a heater in a while, or a senior in college who’s never called a technician before, our lips are sealed. No judgment on our end! We have all been there at one point or another, in terms of needing a helping hand and a little patience from an expert more familiar with an industry than we are.

TF Complete Heating and Cooling energy experts are always HAPPY to walk you through troubleshooting, and no question is too small. But, if you’re adverse to feeling sheepish or just want to know you did your due diligence before calling in the professionals, check out our tips below for basic troubleshooting tasks that could just save you a service request.

Heating System Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check the power. Seriously.

Does your thermostat run on batteries, and are they dead? Does your heater need to be reset? It’s ok – we won’t tell anyone!

2. Check the thermostat.

Perhaps you need to change the thermostat’s mode from cooling to heating, or auto to heat. It’s also possible you need to change the temperature setting. If your heater is set to 68 degrees and that’s what it is outside, your system won’t kick on until the temperature drops further.

3. Change your air filter.

It’s possible your air filter has gotten so clogged during the off-season, that the trapped debris is blocking the flow of air. This is even more likely if you have a pet who sheds.

4. Make sure the vents aren’t blocked or closed.

No matter how warm the air in your heating system is, it won’t heat your home through obstructed or closed vents.

5. Check your pilot light, if you have one.

If your system uses a pilot light, take a look to see whether it’s ignited. If there IS a flame, take note of the color you see. A blue flame is a “healthy” pilot light, while a yellow, orange or red flame means the components could be dirty, or the flame isn’t strong enough. If there’s no flame at all, it could mean a problem with your ignition switch. You’ll need to call an energy expert.

6. Use COMPLETE caution

Don’t electrocute or burn yourself by poking around with your heater. Don’t try to relight your pilot light yourself, or open up compartments that you aren’t familiar with. One of our energy experts can help!

Call TF Complete when DIY Troubleshooting Doesn’t COMPLETELY Solve the Problem

Nobody’s perfect, and you tried your best! We would MUCH rather take a call with a simple fix than start off with a big mess exacerbated by some DIY adventuring! TF Complete Heating & Cooling serves Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties and the surrounding areas. Contact us today. We are proud to stand by your side, whether your heating issue is big or small. And for next time, consider that for the cost of a simple maintenance call, you get priority service and significant discounts with our TF Complete service plans.

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