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Should I Get a Heating Maintenance in the Summer?

Take advantage of the off-season to get your heater up-to-snuff

summer hvac service massachusettsNobody wants to see their air conditioner kick the bucket in the summer or their heater on its last leg during the coldest months. That’s why it makes the most sense to do your equipment maintenance during the off-season. Getting your heater tuned up and repaired, if needed, during the summer can save you time, money, and a lot of hassles! Why does it matter? Read on to learn about some of the benefits of summer heater maintenance for customers in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex, and Norfolk counties and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of summer heater maintenance

  1. It’s cheaper. Emergency services tend to cost more than planned maintenance. Likewise, rush ordering equipment parts can be an added expense as well. During the off-season, if a problem is identified, you have a little more leeway with your timeline – and that means more choices.
  2. It’s faster. If you wait on getting maintenance until peak season is in full swing in our area, you’ll have to get in line with everyone else. Fall is when calls for heater repairs start to kick into high gear, but if you take care of your heater now, when it’s not in use – you won’t be the one hunting for the space heaters in the basement. Of course, your friends at TF Complete Heating & Cooling will be available whenever you need us, but we would prefer to help you avoid breakdowns completely.
  3. It’ll have you prepared for fall and winter. Don’t get stuck after the cooler weather hits our area, realizing that you need a repair or a hard-to-find part ordered ASAP. Summer maintenance on your heater means that it’ll be raring to go, just when you need it this coming fall and winter.
  4. It’s good for your air conditioner, too. Heaters and air conditioners often share equipment, ductwork, filters, and other components of an HVAC system. When you take good care of one, it only benefits the other. For instance, if you have a heat pump – which is used for both heating and cooling – regular maintenance is important, no matter what the season. If there’s a problem with your heat pump, you’ll want to know sooner, rather than later – for your air conditioner’s sake!
  5. It’s more efficient. When your heater isn’t in top shape, it’s also not running at peak efficiency. This ends up costing you more, both in terms of higher energy expenses, as well as wear and tear on your equipment. Sitting stagnantly all summer with an existing problem only exacerbates the drain on your system. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regularly maintained equipment can also lower your annual energy use by up to 15%.

TF Complete service plans offer year-round comfort

No matter the season, maintaining and repairing your heating and cooling equipment can be expensive! That’s why we encourage our customers to schedule regular maintenance to reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the life of their equipment. The easiest way to enjoy these benefits—and more— year-round, is to enroll in one of our service plans. Don’t wait until your next problem happens before you sign up. Get covered now, and relax all year long, knowing you will save money on repairs and enjoy peace of mind.

Looking for a reliable HVAC expert who has your best interests at heart – year-round? TF Complete Can’t Be Beat! Keeping you comfortable throughout the year is our priority. Become a customer today.

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