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Can High Temps Make an Air Conditioner Fail?

When your AC is no match for the summer heat

home cooling service massachusettsIt’s true that high temperatures themselves don’t directly harm or endanger your air conditioner – it’s not going to melt – but we all know that cooling equipment must expend extra effort when it’s like a sauna outside. The additional work required to cool temperatures from a higher baseline means added stress and strain for your AC. In fact, if it’s an older model, it may not survive – we see it all the time. What can you do about that, you may ask? Read on to learn some tips for optimizing your AC during record highs.

How hot is too hot? When should you worry?

Much like the health of people, older model air conditioners that have been neglected, maintenance-wise, are more likely to suffer during extreme conditions. There’s no magic bullet temp that will cause your air conditioner to keel over for good for good, but experts have an unofficial rule of thumb in in the industry: older style cooling units start to struggle when temperatures hover near the 100-degree mark consistently for a few days or weeks.

Protect your AC, no sweat needed!

Locating the balance between comfort and caution when it comes to reducing stress on your air conditioner can be a challenge. If you are dealing with this conundrum, consider:

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