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We’re Here for You

Erinn Woodcock

No one knows what this fall will bring us, but it is possible we will face a resurgence of COVID-19 in our area, with all its attendant challenges.

We are working hard to anticipate and prepare for potential disruptions. We have an unbelievable team here, who make me proud every day with their willingness to take care of our customers when it matters most. They have been extraordinarily flexible and committed, and I could go on for hours with stories of how they put the needs of our customers first.

We are taking many steps to minimize the risks to them and to you. We ask that you look at the next article about our protocols, so you can see how you can help them work safely in your home.

We will all need to be flexible and patient with each other as we adapt to the new challenges we face. I appreciate the trust you’ve placed in our family to keep you warm, more than words can convey.

Be well.

Erinn Woodcock, President

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