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What Are Mini-Splits?

An efficient, long-term air conditioning solution that doesn’t require ductwork.

ductless ac Worcester county, ma When it comes to cooling the spaces in your home, are you relying on cumbersome, inefficient window air conditioners?

Window A/C units are a far-from-ideal home cooling option. Consider these common issues:

In short, when you use window units as your primary cooling option, you’ll spend more money for less comfort. That’s why more homes in Bristol, Middlesex and Norfolk counties are turning to the Tom Fricker team for ductless mini-split installation.

What is a ductless mini-split?

Mini-split systems are a cost-effective alternative to window units. They cool your home by transferring heat from inside to outside. There are two components to a ductless mini-split system. An outdoor compressor connects to an indoor air handler via a thin tube through your walls. Multiple air handlers connect to one condenser.

Air handlers in each room draw in warm air and deliver the heat to the condenser, where it is expelled into the ambient air. Then, cooled air gets released back to your room via the same air handler. These systems can also provide supplemental heat in cooler months by reversing this process.

What kinds of homes use ductless mini-splits?

Central A/C systems gained popularity in U.S. homes about 70 years ago. So, older homes often don’t have ductwork for forced air heating and cooling. If your home relies on a boiler and radiators for heat, you might not have ducts, and a mini-split system is an excellent A/C option.

Even if you have central A/C in your home, a single ductless minis-split provides excellent cooling for garages, guest houses, work studios and rooms that may not have vents.

What are the benefits of a ductless mini-split system?

Here are some of the advantages of ductless mini-splits:

The TF Complete Heating & Cooling team knows ductless mini-splits!

We are mini-split experts, ready to get your home the ductless A/C equipment you need to stay comfortable all summer long. The Tom Fricker team can also help you qualify for significant savings through Mass Save and federal tax credits. Depending on the ductless system you install, you could receive thousands in savings.

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