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Water Heater Wear & Tear During The Winter Season

Winter is “marathon season” for your water heater

water heaters massachusettsIt’s no secret that your water heater works harder in the winter in Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex, and Norfolk counties, since the water is starting off from a colder baseline temperature. In other words, when it’s colder outside, it takes more energy to heat the water to your desired temperature.

Even though winter is “marathon season” in terms of hot water usage in Massachusetts, your traditional water heater isn’t able to condition itself like a marathon runner to withstand the increased wear and tear during this season – and that’s one reason why it’s so important to keep up with regular maintenance. Read on to learn more about how TF Complete can help you get the energy-efficiency you need to save on energy bills during the colder months.

Warm water is in hot demand in the winter

Most homes use more hot water in the winter, because:

Newer models save you money: Do you need an upgrade?

If your water heater is about 10 years old—or older—you should probably start thinking about an upgrade. Let us know so our technicians can answer any questions you may have. They can help you select the best water heater for your needs and install it as well.

We know every household has its own needs. For instance, one family may be interested in the latest, most cutting-edge water heating solution, while another customer might want a conventional storage tank. We provide you with a range of options. And no matter which one you select you can rest assured that TF Complete Heating & Cooling will install it properly and on time.

TF Complete keeps the warm water COMPLETELY flowing while saving you money

No matter whether you need maintenance, repair, or an upgrade of your traditional water heater, you can have confidence that the certified and experienced TF Complete technician who arrives at your home is thoroughly trained to do the job. We repair and install all types of water heaters throughout the year, so not only does our team have vast experience but we know how to handle any situation that might arise.

Every water heater we install is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and we stand behind our installations with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee. Whether you want to replace your old water heater now, need some maintenance or non-emergency repair, or simply want to learn more for future reference, contact us today. One of our water heater equipment experts will be happy to help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

mail Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance visit. If you need an emergency repair, please call our office right away at 508-507-6702, and we will get to your home as soon as we can.